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Post thumbnail image Ma San (Cervical Polyp)
December 18, 2013 Posted in BWMF Current patients

Ma San is a 47 year-old woman who was referred to BCMF after being diagnosed with a cervical polyp and a fistula. She is living in Ho Fai in the Mae Sot area of Thailand. Her family came here for work 6 months ago and they plan to stay for another three months to save […]

Post thumbnail image Dar Win (Prolapsed uterus)
December 18, 2013 Posted in BWMF Current patients

Daw Win is a 51 year-old woman from Nidon village in the Mon state in Burma who came to BCMF because of a prolapsed uterus. She divorced her husband 20 years ago and has one son who is 23 and lives in Bangkok working in a factory. She has lived in her village her entire […]

Post thumbnail image Naw Ku (breast mass)
July 15, 2011 Posted in BWMF Current patients

Naw Ku is 36 years old and has come to the Thai-Burma border to seek treatment for a large lump growing in her right breast. It started off small but is now very big and causing her a great deal of discomfort and concern. Naw Ku teaches maths, science and all the core subjects in […]