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Burma Children Medical Fund – Operating to give kids a chance

The Burma Children Medical Fund (BCMF) was founded in 2006. It was founded in response to the increasing number of children on the Thai-Burma border who required complex medical treatment and surgery that is not available at local clinics or hospitals. Watch the video to learn more about BCMF and its work.

Nyein Shin Shin

Nyein Shin Shin is a two year old girl with a type of Spina Bifida called Myelomeningocele. With the help of BCMF, she was sent to Chiang Mai for treatment and surgery a total of 14 times. Though her surgery was a success, she will never walk on her own due to the nerve damage to her spine. Recently Wheelchairs for Kids donated a wheelchair for Nyein Shin Shin, giving her a brand new sense of mobility. When she was born, the doctors thought she would not survive, but Nyein Shin Shin is now a healthy girl.  This is her story.

Naut Naut’s Journey

BCMF is delighted to share the story of Naut Naut, one of our patients. Naut Naut was born on August 1, 2011 with pneumonia, respiratory failure, and obstructive jaundice due to biliary atresia (liver duct blockage). Unable to care for a sick infant, her parents abandoned her at the hospital and she was referred to BCMF in September 2011. After undergoing treatment at Chiang Mai Hospital in Thailand, Naut Naut is now a healthy, happy baby girl with a family.

Wheelchair Brings Hope to Save Beebe

Saw Beebe, lies flat on his stomach on the family’s wooden floor, and for the last two years that is how he has spent most of his time looking at his now restricted world. He misses going outside and all the childhood activities that his illness now denies him.
Saw Beebe, now 9, like most children enjoyed going to school and loved dancing. When he turned seven, Saw Beebe suffered a cruel, disabling illness that led him to losing his mobility and forcing him to stay at home.

Wheelchair Brings Hope to Saw Beebe from Karen News on Vimeo.