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Fund Individual Patients

Click here to donate directly to one of our patients to help finance the costs associated with their medical care through our partner Watsi. You can choose to partially or fully fund individual patients, and you can learn about their journey to BCMF on the website. Any amount, even small donations, get patients one step closer to accessing healthcare. (Note: The link will allow you to view Burma Border Projects’ patients. Burma Border Projects is our USA based partner and ONLY BCMF patients appear through this page.)

About Watsi

Watsi is a crowd-funding platform with a mission to fund high-impact, low-cost surgeries for patients around the world from resource-poor settings. 100% of all donations are spent on patient access and treatment (organizational costs are funded separately). There is 100% public transparency, and you are able to stay up-to-date about how many of our patients have been funded through this platform.