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Aye Po (Goiter)

June 6, 2016  •  Posted in BAMF Success stories
Aye Po is originally from Pantanaw Township, near Yangon, Burma, and now lives in Maesot with her husband and 3 daughters. She came to BCMF when she was 25 years of age complaining of a large mass in her neck. She used to help her husband who works delivering ice.  But she gradually became too sick to help him. Her daughters, aged 4, 6 and 11 does not go to school because of lack of family funds, and Aye Po herself didn’t go to school as her parents died when she was v... Read more ►

July Hnin (Orthopedic)

June 6, 2016  •  Posted in BAMF Success stories
July Hnin, age 20 years, is from Bago Division in Burma. She lives with her parents and two younger brothers. Her parents work as day labourers and earn about 3,000 kyat (3 USD) per day, this is not enough to cover their living expenses and sometimes they have to borrow money from their friend when they have any unexpected costs, at 10% Interest. When July Hnin was 18 years old she had to leave school because her parents could not afford the costs of her education. So, she we... Read more ►

Kaung Khant Hein (Gastrointestinal)

June 6, 2016  •  Posted in Our Stories
Kaung Khant Hein, a baby boy, born via caesarian on 1 December 2014, on 1st of December 2014 in Malady General Hospital. His father supports the family as a motor mechanic earning 100,000Kyat (100 USD) a month, which covers living expenses but is not enough for emergencies or medical treatment. The baby was both breast and formula milk fed and was doing well. When he was four weeks old however, his parents noticed a yellowish tinge to his skin so took him to a clinic in Malad... Read more ►

Khant Chaw (Cardiac)

June 6, 2016  •  Posted in BCMF Success stories, Slideshow
Khant Chaw is a 16 years old boy, diagnosed with a congenital heart disease. He lives with his parents and two siblings in Thi Taw village in the Ayeyarwady Division in Burma. His parents work as farmers, and make about 150 000 Kyat (150 USD) a month, which is usually enough for every day expenses. Occasionally they have to borrow money from their cousin for the cost of food and the children’s education. Upon entering 9th grade, Khant Chaw had a fever and experienced fatigu... Read more ►

Ah Dee Son (Thalassemia)

June 6, 2016  •  Posted in BCMF Success stories
Ah Dee Son, is a shy little 5 year old boy who has been treated for Thalassemia in MTC (Mae Tao Clinic). His illness has been disruptive to his family’s life with his family having to move from Hpa- an to Myawaddy to be closer to the hospital due to travel expenses incurred. The medical costs added additional strain to the family on top of Ah Dee Son’s younger brother missing time from kindergarten to make it to hospital appointments. Their monthly income, earned by Ah D... Read more ►

Kyaw Myint (Urological)

June 6, 2016  •  Posted in BAMF Success stories, Slideshow
Kyaw Myint age 39 years is from Karen State, Burma, where he lives with his wife and 4 children. Kyaw Myint farms his own rice, raises chickens, grows vegetables for the family, and has his own pigs, but has to work as a day labourer several days a month, earning 4000 Kyat a day, to make ends meet. Earning barely enough, he sometimes has to borrow money for extra expences. About 2 years ago Kyaw Myint started to have back pain and urinary problems, making him unable to work f... Read more ►

Htoi Aung (Cardiac Disease)

June 5, 2015  •  Posted in BCMF Success stories
Htoi Aung is a 9 year old boy who came to BCMF in January 2013 after being diagnosed with severe cardiac disease. Growing up in Kachin State, Burma, Htoi Aung was surrounded by violent conflict and his family was forced to relocate numerous times for safety. Htoi Aung’s condition caused him to experience extreme fevers and cyanosis as a child. He was lethargic, experiencing constant extreme fatigue and often had difficulty breathing. As Htoi Aung grew older, he developed se... Read more ►

Ma Kay Thi (Uterine Myoma)

June 5, 2015  •  Posted in BWMF Success stories
Ma Kay Thi, 40, is from the Htaw Noot village in Burma, where she works as a farmer with her parents and younger sister. She is also a talented seamstress and sews clothes that she sells in the village. Her ability to work was compromised in 2013 when she began experiencing painful menstruation and Ma Kay Thi initially sought treatment at a clinic in Nyang Lay Pin. Over the next year, she made several trips to the clinic to receive medication and undergo diagnostic testing. D... Read more ►

Saw Win Share (Bladder Stones)

June 5, 2015  •  Posted in BAMF Success stories
Saw Win Share is a 44 year old man who came to BAMF in 2013 for surgery to remove bladder stones. Originally from Taungoo Township in the Bago District of Burma, Saw Win Share worked as a day labourer in his home village until 2002, when Burmese army soldiers entered his village and accused him of being a Karen National Union (KNU) soldier. Saw Win Share was detained and beaten so severely that he remained unconscious for two days. When he regained consciousness, he was paral... Read more ►

Krishna (Cardiac)

December 18, 2013  •  Posted in BCMF Success stories
Krishna is a six year old boy that first came to BCMF one year ago after being diagnosed with cardiac disease. His family is ethnically Nepali and live in Kachin State. However, in 2011 fighting broke out in their village between the Burmese Army and the Kachin Independence Army. Fighting between the two armed groups restarted in June 2011 after a 17-year-old ceasefire broke down. Some estimate that the conflict resulted in the displacement of over 100,000 civilians. Accordin... Read more ►