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Our Funding

BCMF would not be able to restore the health and dignity of our many patients without the generosity of our donor organisations and individual supporters. BCMF strongly adheres the to principals of transparency and accountability.  Through our Annual Report we provide complete transparency of our funds.  Further, staff salaries and administrative costs are paid exclusively through pre-existing arrangements with designated donors.

This means 100%  of individual donations go toward direct patient costs. These costs cover doctor visits, diagnostic testing, surgery, medications and patient support which includes transport, food, and accommodation while in Chiang Mai.

In addition to the many individuals who help us make the program possible, BCMF continues to work closely with various organisations.  BCMF has a funding arrangement with our partner organisation, Child’s Dream, based in Chiang Mai.  BCMF refers those patients under the age of 12 that meet specific diagnostic criteria to Child’s Dream’s Children’s Medical Fund (CMF) program. After referral, BCMF continues to manage the patient’s case, providing logistic and patient support, while Child’s Dream manages their medical treatment in Chiang Mai. Additionally, BCMF is responsible for processing all necessary documentation with the relevant Thai authorities and transportation to and from Chiang Mai for all patients in the Child’s Dream CMF program referred from various organisations on the Thai-Burma border.

BCMF also works closely with numerous other organisations including B.K.Kee Foundation, Burma Border Projects, Brodtbeck Philanthropy Foundation, China California Heart Watch, Chiang Mai International Rotary Club, Days for Girls,  Dak Foundation, Mobility Worldwide, Red Rocketship Foundation, Watsi, Wheelchairs for Kids, and many others.


At BCMF, transparency is vital.  Our donors must feel confident about where and how program funds are being spent. To ensure transparency BCMF keeps detailed records of all our patients including pictures, case histories, and follow-ups.  Many of these are then posted on this site as often as possible. If a donor or organisation opts to fund a particular child, a breakdown of costs and a complete report on the child’s progress can be provided upon request.  Additionally, BCMF maintains records and receipts of all funds received and all expenditures made in support of the program.

Minimising costs

Administrative costs at BCMF are kept to a minimum in order to allow us to dedicate the majority of our funding toward patient medical costs. Goods and services required for the implementation and management of the program are obtained at competitive prices with full documentation and receipts. BCMF also utilizes our relationship with Thai hospitals in Mae Sot and Chiang Mai to negotiate fair and, where possible, discounted prices for surgical procedures, further stretching the reach of our funding to benefit the maximum number of patients possible.

Click to learn more about how you or your organization can get involved, sponsor a van or make a donation to BCMF.  We look forward to working with you.