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The BCMF team

The small, yet efficient, BCMF staff team is made up of a group of core staff in Mae Sot and Chiang Mai. BCMF currently has one staff member that remain involved in the organization’s activities from overseas. Additionally, BCMF relies on auxiliary staff including clinic medics who assist in medical assessment, referral and translation, BCMF volunteers and foreign medical volunteers at the clinic.

Core Staff Team

The core team consists of fourteen individuals – Kanchana Thornton, Bridgitte Agocs, Bue Wah Say, Kabaw Wah, Saw Aung Than Wai, Molly Aung, Ma Myai, Than Than Oo, Zaw Myo Lwin, Aung Tin Tun, Naing Aung Phyo, Mi Aye, Klao and Pan Thit Sar who are located in the Mae Sot, Chiang Mai and Hpa-An offices. BCMF has staff representation in Chiang Mai to oversee patient care, manage patient appointments and liaise with Thai hospital staff.

Work descriptions will follow shortly.

Kanchana Thornton
Contact: [email protected]

Saw Aung Than Wai
Health for All Program Manager
Contact: [email protected]

Bue Wah Say
Patient Services Manager
Contact: [email protected]

Kabaw Wah
Outreach Services Manager
Contact: [email protected] 

Bridgitte Agocs
Program Associate
Contact: [email protected]

Molly Aung
Administrative & Logistics Officer
Contact: [email protected]

Ma Myai
Patient Liaison Coordinator
Contact: [email protected]

Than Than Oo
Training Coordinator
Contact: [email protected]

Zaw Myo Lwin
Social Media & Digital Coordinator
Contact: [email protected]

Saw Aung Tin Tun
3D Project Manager
Contact: [email protected]

Naing Aung Phyo
3D Project Officer
Contact: [email protected]

Mi Aye
Chiang Mai Patient House Coordinator
Contact: [email protected]

Mr. Klao Wongsingsak
Chiang Mai Patient House Coordinator
Contact: [email protected]

Pan Thit Sar
Administrative Assistant
Contact: [email protected]

Mi Aye and Klao are the BCMF staff based in Chiang Mai. Together, they are responsible for overseeing patient care in Chiang Mai and ensuring that all of the patients’ logistical needs are met. They help patients get to their appointments, communicate with hospital staff regarding their planned course of treatment, and ensure that all patients’ needs including food and accommodation are taken care of while they are in Chiang Mai undergoing treatment.  They also serve as translators for patients that do not speak Thai.

External Support Staff

Jacqui Whelan, External Program Support
Contact: [email protected]

Jacqui has been working with the BCMF team since 2008. In her first year, she worked with local medics to further develop systems for processing patients. Since then, she has worked as a BCMF program assistant and administrator. Currently in Australia, Jacqui is responsible for staff recruitment, as well as fundraising, advocacy, and donor relations.


BCMF receives assistance from a number of people who are kind enough to donate their time and expertise to assist BCMF with a variety of key program tasks.

Simon – Bordermedia Web Host and Web Designer

Bordermedia is an Information Technology & multimedia organization specializing in web development, audio/visual projects, training and consultancy. Bordermedia predominantly work with NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and individuals in the not-for-profit sector. Having spent some time in 2005 and 2006 working on various, mainly internet-related projects with Burmese refugees in and around the town of Mae Sot in Thailand, a group of IT professionals from Australia and the UK decided to form an organisation with the aim of addressing this need.

Visit Bordermedia’s site here.