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There are many ways in which you can get involved with BCMF activities. Our main focus is raising funds to treat as many children and adults as we possibly can. However, in addition to funding patients’ medical treatment, we also provide a range of logistical support services to patients throughout their treatment.  Here are some ways you can support all of BCMF’s activities:


This is the most important thing that you can do to help BCMF give children with serious medical conditions a chance at a healthy life. Your contributions will also go towards patients who need urgent treatment. In 2012, 70% of our funding went directly toward paying for medical treatment including investigation, testing, surgeries, and post-operative follow-up.


Support our patients and outreach projects in Burma and on the Thai-Burma border! Purchase your own BCMF t-shirt now or the book Restless Souls by Phil Thorton!

Sponsor a Van

Every week, approximately 10 patients and their caregivers are sent to Chiang Mai for initial investigation, surgery or post-operative follow-up appointments. One of BCMF’s biggest challenges is finding the funding to get the patients from the Mae Tao Clinic in Mae Sot to Chiang Mai, which is about six hours away, for treatment. While funding patients’ medical treatment is the core of our program, our patients need to get to Chiang Mai first before they can even receive the treatment they need. Sponsoring a trip is a vital way to make a direct contribution to help save the lives of not just one patient but many.

  • By making a $25 US donation, you can sponsor one patient’s trip to Chiang Mai. This is an easy way to support a patient in their first step toward getting the medical treatment they need.
  • By making a $225 US donation, you can sponsor an entire van full of patients going to Chiang Mai and make a direct contribution to help save the lives of not just one patient but many!


BCMF occasionally welcomes short-term volunteers to help conduct patient interviews and assist with a range of other projects at our office in Mae Sot. Volunteers conduct intake interviews with new patients as well as post-op interviews with existing patients. All interviews are conducted onsite at Mae Tao Clinic with the assistance of a translator. Read more…

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