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Urological Conditions

  • Hypospadias is a male birth defect in which the opening of urethra develops abnormally, usually on the underside of the penis. The opening can occur anywhere from just below the end of the penis to the scrotum. Hypospadias is treated with surgery to correct the placement of the urethral opening, usually during the first year of life.
  • Kidney Stones are solid pieces of material that form in a kidney when substances that are normally found in the urine become highly concentrated. A stone may stay in the kidney or travel down the urinary tract. A larger stone may get stuck along the urinary tract and can block the flow of urine, causing severe pain or blood that can be seen in the urine. Some stones will pass through the urinary tract without treatment, while other stones may need to be surgically removed.

Click to learn about Phyo Wai Yan Soe, a three year old boy who was successfully treated for kidney and bladder stones.

CDF_Sai Thingyan_M7m_hypospadias_POST OP 11

Young patient with hypospadias (Before/After)