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BCMF strongly believes that everyone has a right to healthcare, and we strive to provide this opportunity to people from Burma regardless of age, sex, race, religion, or legal status. BCMF does not have any set criteria for admission to the program; however, funding constraints often mean that we cannot accept patients who have come to us late in their illness and who have a poor chance of survival. Nevertheless, BCMF aims to treat as many patients as we can who seek our help.  Together with doctors and medics, we will review each patient on a case by case basis in order to make a good decision about whether he or she will have a good prognosis with surgery.  We take a wide variety of factors into consideration including whether the patient will have a significantly prolonged life or improved quality of life with treatment, whether the patient is willing and able to follow-through with treatment, and whether the surgery or treatment is likely to be successful.

Burma Children Medical Fund (BCMF)
BCMF facilitates the treatment of children (under 18) with serious medical conditions who need to be referred to medical facilities in Thailand and Burma.

Burma Adult Medical Fund (BAMF)
BAMF was established to treat special adult cases that will respond well to surgery or treatment.

Burma Women Medical Fund (BMWF)
BWMF aims to fund the surgical and support costs involved in common gynaecological conditions such as uterine prolapse and uterine myoma (fibroids). These conditions can be corrected at a relatively low cost at the local Thai hospital in Mae Sot.