Australian donations

All donations can be made by either credit card, cheque or bank transfer through Union Aid Abroard-APHEDA – the global justice organisation the Australian union movement. Whichever option you choose, please follow the instructions carefully to ensure that funds are directed towards BCMF.

Credit Card and Direct Debit

  1. Visit APHEDA’s donation page
  2. For one off donations: enter the amount and select Make One Off Donation’ then ‘Burma Children Medical Fund’ from the drop down menu
  3. For monthly donations: enter the amount and select Become an APHEDA member and make a monthly contribution’ then ‘Burma Children Medical Fund’ from the drop down menu
  4. Hi ‘Next’ at the bottom of the page. Enter your credit card and personal details to finalise transaction
  5. An Australian tax deductible receipt will be emailed to you


Please ring APHEDA on 1800 888 674 (free call within Australia) or +61 9264 9343 (for international donors). Please have your credit card ready and confirm that you would like to make a donation to “Burma Children Medical Fund”. Please give your address and ask for a receipt to be sent or emailed to you.


Please send a cheque payable to “APHEDA” and include your full name and postal address so that a tax-deductible receipt can be mailed to you. Also please ensure that you specify that the donation is for Burma Children Medical Fund (as APHEDA has many, many different programs). Mail all cheques to the address below:

APHEDA Union Aid Abroad
Attention: Tom Addy (for BCMF)
Level 1, 365-375 Sussex Street
Sydney 2000