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Post thumbnail image Krishna (Cardiac)
December 18, 2013 Posted in BCMF Success stories

Krishna is a six year old boy that first came to BCMF one year ago after being diagnosed with cardiac disease. His family is ethnically Nepali and live in Kachin State. However, in 2011 fighting broke out in their village between the Burmese Army and the Kachin Independence Army. Fighting between the two armed groups […]

Post thumbnail image Ka Nyaw (Hydrocephalus)
December 18, 2013 Posted in BCMF Success stories

Ka Nyaw is a 1 year-old-baby who came to BCMF suffering from hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is a condition caused by an abnormal buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the skull and can lead to convulsions, vision problems and mental disability. If left untreated, hydrocephalus is a fatal condition. Ka Nyaw first showed symptoms of his condition when […]

Post thumbnail image New Video: “Nyein Shin Shin”
September 19, 2013 Posted in BCMF Success stories

Nyein Shin Shin is a two year old girl with a type of Spina Bifida called Myelomeningocele. With the help of BCMF, she was sent to Chiang Mai for treatment and surgery a total of 14 times. Though her surgery was a success, she will never walk on her own due to the nerve damage […]

Post thumbnail image Ing Gah Htoo-Cleft Lip
July 2, 2013 Posted in BCMF Success stories

Ing Gha Htoo is a 2 year old boy who was born with a cleft lip. In March 2013, BCMF referred him to Suan Dok Hospital in Chiang Mai for corrective surgery. On March 28, 2013, he had an initial consultation with the plastic surgeon and on April 28, 2013, he underwent surgery to correct […]

Post thumbnail image Phy Wai Yan Soe (Kidney and Bladder Stones)
July 2, 2013 Posted in BCMF Success stories

Phyo Wai Yan Soe is a 3 year-old boy suffering from kidney stones and bladder stones. Phyo Wai Yan Soe frequently cries whenever he passes urine as he feels pain and passes blood at the same time. Phyo Wai Yan Soe’s family originally came from Durin Seit village, Tha Tong, Mon State in Burma. His […]

Post thumbnail image Thi Dar Win – Thalasseima
June 13, 2013 Posted in BCMF Success stories

Thi Dar is a 3-year-old girl who was suffering from Thalassemia. Shortly after she was born, Thi Dar developed jaundice and was placed in incubation and given a blood transfusion. Her hospitalization cost the family a total of 100,000 kyat ($116 USD) which her parents had to borrow from relatives.  Thi Dar’s condition improved, but […]

Post thumbnail image Video: “Naut Naut’s Journey”
June 11, 2013 Posted in BCMF Success stories

BCMF is delighted to share the story of Naut Naut, one of our patients. Naut Naut was born on August 1, 2011 with pneumonia, respiratory failure, and obstructive jaundice due to biliary atresia (liver duct blockage). Unable to care for a sick infant, her parents abandoned her at the hospital and she was referred to […]

Post thumbnail image Hser (facial mass)
April 17, 2013 Posted in BCMF Success stories

Hser is a 1-year-11-month-old boy with a large mass on the right side of his face and neck. His family lives in Hteet Moo Hta village in Myawaddy district. His parents were rice farmers but make their living as day labourers. His mother currently does not work as she is busy caring for him and […]

Post thumbnail image Ei Ei Htoo (clubbed feet)
April 5, 2013 Posted in BCMF Success stories

Ei Ei was born in Karen State, Burma. She has congenital disabilities including a small meningocele on her lower back which has caused nerve damage that had resulted in her feet being clubbed. On her right hand, she has two missing finger and one deformed, her thumb and little finger are present. Ei Ei has […]