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BCMF Activity Report: August 2011

December 14, 2011  •  Posted in News

Dear friends,

New Case: 16-year-old Nyi Nyi

In August 2011, BCMF took on 12 new cases and transferred 38 patients (plus their carers) from the Mae Tao Clinic to Chiang Mai for initial investigation, surgery or post-surgical follow-up appointments.

The conditions our new cases presented with varied greatly and included:

Amongst our new cases were to young children who sustained serious burns. 14-year-old Si Thu was warming himself by the fire in his family’s home in Mon State when he caught alight. His back and arms were severely burnt. 10-year-old Win Win suffered from burns to her neck and chest whilst playing with friends. The scar tissue has caused serious disfigurement and now Win Win’s chin is fused to her chest.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

The BCMF team