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BCMF Activity Report: July 2011

September 7, 2011  •  Posted in News

Dear friends,

New Case: Saw Pwel (4 years old)

With rainy season in full-swing, July was a little bit quieter than last month (fewer new patients were referred to BCMF likely due to increased difficulty traveling from inside Burma). BCMF transferred 36 patients (plus their carers) from the Mae Tao Clinic to Chiang Mai for initial investigation, surgery or post-surgical follow-up appointments.

The transfer dates for BCMF Patient Vans were as follows:

BCMF took on 8 new cases in July under both the children’s and adult program. Amongst our new cases was four-year-old Saw Pwel (see photo) who was carried into the Mae Tao Clinic by his father. Saw Pwel had sustained serious burns to  his legs in April 2011 and the scar tissue has fused his legs at 90 degree angles. Saw Pwel was on the BCMF patient van on 21 July 2011 and he remains in Chiang Mai with his mother undergoing treatment.

A number of cases returned from Chiang Mai after successfully undergoing treatment. One dramatic case was that of Than Zin Moe (photo below) who underwent major surgery to have a large fluid-filled sac removed from the back of her head. She recovered well after her surgery and Than Zin Moe was able to return from Chiang Mai in July to be re-united with the rest of her family. Other stories will soon appear on our website and we will continue to update our facebook page regularly with photographs.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

The BCMF team

Success Story: Than Zin Moe (removal of congenital mass from back of head)



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