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Win Win (burns)

August 24, 2011  •  Posted in BCMF Current patients

Win Win is 10-years-old and sustained burns to her neck and upper chest in April 2011. The formation of burn scar tissue is pulling her chin down to her chest causing disfigurement and inability to move her head.

Win Win’s family are Hindi and they live in the large city of Moulmein (Mon State) which saw an influx of Indians due to the expansion of trade and business in the 20th century. Win Win’s mother provides domestic labour for another family for 30,000 Kyat (US$30) per month. Her father works as a daily labourer in the movement of materials for trade (manual labour) making 2,000 kyat per day (US$2).

On the day of the accident Win Win’s mother had gone out and Win Win was playing at home with some local children. The children are reported to have commenced playing with a bottle of antiseptic alcohol solution and matches. When Win Win’s mother came home she saw her daughter’s neck was a mass of large blisters. She took her to a clinic where the staff burst the blisters, attended to regular dressings and prescribed medication. Win Win’s mother was very happy with her daughter’s progress until 4 weeks ago. At this time the scar tissue began to thicken and knot. Win Win has started to complain that the scar is very itchy.

Win Win’s parents did not know what to do as the clinic staff said they could only assist by cutting a small piece of the scar tissue away week by week. Friends and family of Win Win voiced to her family that they did not feel assured that the clinic had the expertise to deal with such a medical problem. It was recommended that she should be taken across the border to Thailand as the Mae Tao Clinic would be able to help. A decision was made where Win Win, her mother and an uncle would travel together. They said that the one journey was very expensive at 18,000 Kyat (US$18) and the wet season has made travel by road very difficult.

Win Win wants to be a teacher when she grows up and her favourite thing to do is paint. Win Win was able to continue going to school after her injury and is in grade 4 this year. Her mother wants her only daughter to get better very soon.