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U Myink (eye growth)

July 15, 2011  •  Posted in BCMF Success stories

Born in 1952, U Myink has seen his country change a great deal over the years. Currently he lives in Mae Sot (Thai side of the Thai-Burma border) and is the father to six children with the youngest being 10 and the eldest being 30. U Myink is a ‘daily worker – he finds work on a daily basis in Mae Sot earning 60-80 baht per day. However availability of work is not consistent and he’s only usually able to find work for about 15 days in a month.

Since July 2007, the condition of U Myink’s right eye deteriorated. A large dark growth on the lower corner of his right eye lip has been causing him pain and growing in size. He came to the Mae Tao Clinic as he knows many people who have received free medical care there. He was referred to the Mae Sot Hospital but they told him he would have to go to Chiang Mai for testing and treatment and they could not help.

Before surgery

U Myink was worried that he would not be able to support his family; his vision was already compromised and he was unable to work due to the constant pain. He had to carry around a towel to dab his eye as it bled often throughout the day. He hoped to receive treatment so that he could continue to support his family and send his youngest child to school. Without treatment, U Myink may have lost his vision in his right eye.

U Myink was referred to the Burma Adult Medical Fund. He had surgery and his right eye has recovered well.