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Zin Mar (Deformity)

December 18, 2013  •  Posted in BAMF Current patients

Zin Mar suffers from a deformity on her left leg. She was born in Kya-inn-Seikgyi Township in the Karen State of Burma. When she was 6 months old, she had a very high fever followed by violent seizures. She was taken to the village clinic and the doctor injected her with medication, which subdued the […]

Kyaw Myo (Cardiac)

December 18, 2013  •  Posted in BAMF Success stories

Kyaw Myo is a 27 year-old man who has been suffering from cardiac disease since he was a young boy.  His biological parents died when he was few months old and he was adopted by a couple with two daughters living in Mawlamyine in Mon State, Burma. When he was 12 years old he became […]

Aung (acid burn)

May 7, 2013  •  Posted in BAMF Current patients

Aung is a 34 year-old man who suffered severe burns all over his body during an acid attack. He received treatment in Burma immediately after the attack, but when he could no longer afford treatment, he came to the Mae Tao Clinic in Thailand. Aung only attended school through the third grade and currently earns about 10,000 […]

Ruby (cancer)

December 3, 2011  •  Posted in BCMF Success stories

Ruby has been on the Burma Adult Medical Fund program since 2005. He has been undergoing treatment for cancer and has responded well to the treatment. He needs to return to Chiang Mai once a year for a check-up. As a result of his treatment under Burma Adult Medical Fund (BAMF), Ruby has been able […]

Pi (heart disease)

September 13, 2011  •  Posted in BAMF Current patients

Pi has always been different from other children… Pi is eighteen years old and lives with her family in a small village in eastern Burma. Her mother says that she noticed Pi’s condition when she was just three years old. Pi was weak and very different from other children because she was frail and often […]

Ma Ni Mar (rheumatic heart disease)

August 23, 2011  •  Posted in BAMF Current patients

  Ma Ni Mar is 41 years old but has felt tired and has experienced difficulty breathing since her first pregnancy 18 years ago. She never sought a diagnosis for her condition until her symptoms exacerbated 10 months ago (late 2010). She was now having severe difficulty breathing, chest pain, palpitations and was coughing persistently. […]

Thin Thin (severe burns)

August 22, 2011  •  Posted in BAMF Current patients

Thin Thin is 18 years old. She sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns to 42 percent of her body on Sunday 29 May 2011 around 7pm. It was a tragic accident that took place on the property where she lives with her family. Thin Thin’s younger sister had unintentionally spilt fuel on the ground near […]

U Myink (eye growth)

July 15, 2011  •  Posted in BCMF Success stories

Born in 1952, U Myink has seen his country change a great deal over the years. Currently he lives in Mae Sot (Thai side of the Thai-Burma border) and is the father to six children with the youngest being 10 and the eldest being 30. U Myink is a ‘daily worker – he finds work […]

Naw Ku (breast mass)

July 15, 2011  •  Posted in BWMF Current patients

Naw Ku is 36 years old and has come to the Thai-Burma border to seek treatment for a large lump growing in her right breast. It started off small but is now very big and causing her a great deal of discomfort and concern. Naw Ku teaches maths, science and all the core subjects in […]